The Future of Breast Health: An Integrated Continuum of Care

We have a vision at Hologic.

A vision of the intricate breast health journey transformed into a seamless experience for women and their providers.

A vision in which every step builds on the last, making care more compassionate, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

With You At Every Step

  • Screening & Diagnostics
  • Biopsy
  • Treatment & Monitoring

Hologic is the only company providing technology solutions across the breast care journey. Our immersion in every step of this journey has yielded unique insights and innovations that have the power to transform the standard of care.

The result: A unified approach that offers seamless experiences to all - from patients, to clinicians and technologists - helping to enable healthier lives every day, everywhere.

Product Designed to Work Together

Hardware and software solutions that work together across the patient journey do much more than create clinical confidence and workflow efficiencies. They help maximize quality of life for women at every step.

“We want to use tools we have confidence in - not just their quality, but also in the expertise the company brings to the table. I want a company that's constantly thinking, 'How can we do it better?”

Linda Han, MD, FACS Director, Breast Care Team, Parkview Cancer Institute

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