The Hologic Breast Health Continuum

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Screening & Diagnostics

Image Capture

A decade ago we asked ourselves: How can we capture better images that allow radiologists to detect invasive cancers with more accuracy? How can we reduce the number of unnecessary callbacks women must endure? The result was the world's first breast tomosynthesis system. Our newest advances zero in on patient comfort and provide workflow enhancements - as well as the option to add on breakthrough imaging upgrades without replacing a gantry.

Image Analysis

Confidence is key. Our scalable and fully integratable hardware and AI-powered software products are designed to help you better identify clinically relevant regions, even in dense breast tissue, and expedite reading times without any compromise to image accuracy or quality. That means you can feel more certain faster, and your patients are up to less likely to be called back unnecessarily.

Supplemental Screening / Callback

At Hologic, innovation is at the heart of everything we do - and not just in 3D TM platforms. Case in point: The SuperSonicTM MarchTM 40 ultrasound system with UltraFastTM imaging. Along with intuitive features designed to increase productivity and patient comfort, this groundbreaking system offers several advanced modes such as elastography and enhanced visualization of blood flow. Most important, it produces images of exceptional clarity at up to 20,000 images per second, so you can feel confident that you're always making the best decision for your patients.

Data Management

Hologic's reading and data management systems are intended to coordinate seamlessly, securely, and remotely - not only between specialists, but also between practices, helping to ensure an accurate, speedy, and uninterrupted continuum of care for your patients. Our business intelligence dashboard UnifiTM Analytics lets you conduct predictive servicing and is designed to eventually map the entire breast health continuum, offering you at-a-glance insights at every step.

We want to detect cancers earlier and more accurately — to save lives and offer women a better quality of life. Hologic’s commitment to this goal has led to innovations in imaging like the Genius® 3D Mammography exam and the Selenia® Dimensions® system, proven to detect cancers earlier, even in dense breast tissue, and reduce unnecessary callbacks.


Core Specimen Radiography

Clinical confidence and operational efficiency go hand in hand at Hologic. Our state-of the-art Faxitron® evaluation portfolio — including the first FDA-cleared micro CT system offering true comprehensive 3D specimen analysis — enables unbiased decision making at faster than ever speeds. Designed to optimize surgical outcomes as well as streamline workflows from pathology to surgery, these products offer you the confidence that your patients are receiving the best care possible.

Biopsy Guidance

We're passionate about progress. Thousands of facilities worldwide already rely on Hologic's 3D imaging technology for its unrivaled accuracy. This life-changing technology now integrates with the Affirm® breast biopsy guidance system, letting you pinpoint subtle lesions and faint calcifications - including those that may only be visible with tomosynthesis. Just as revolutionary, our ergonomic and automated ultrasound platforms are designed to transform the experience of radiologists and sonographers.

Tissue Acquisition and Marking

Compassionate care is at the core of our design philosophy. When it comes to tissue acquisition and marking, that means addressing not only women's physical comfort, but also their emotional well being. A tissue acquisition procedure that eliminates the patient's view of the biopsy needle, while speeding the prodedure. A bioabsorbable marker that not only helps surgeons identify margins more accurately but also improves cosmetic outcomes. Compassion spans the continuum.

How can we make breast cancer intervention faster, more comfortable, and less stressful for patients — in all three modalities? One solution: The Affirm® Prone breast biopsy system, which works together with the Selenia® Dimensions® mammography system to offer the world’s only tomosynthesis guided biopsy. Streamlined workflow means shorter patient procedure time.

Treatment & Monitoring

Surgical Excision and Marking

The future of breast-conserving surgery is here. Among Hologic’s advanced products for excision and marking, the BioZorb® 3D bioabsorbable marker is truly next-generation. It’s designed to outline excision sites with a precision that radiologists say improves accuracy in targeting compared to standard clips, and to be absorbed by the body over a period of several years. Superior cosmetic results adds to the quality-of-life benefits for reconstructive lumpectomy patients.

Surgical Specimen Radiography

Post-surgery tissue evaluation is key to a patient's long-term outcomes. At Hologic, we're applying our expertise in tomosynthesis and increasing certainty with a 360º scan and 0.1mm slices. By providing high-resolution 3D specimen reconstruction in real time and with data from all three axes, our Faxitron® CT specimen radiography system offers an instant and highly detailed assessment that's designed to help reduce positive margin rates and lower the need for second surgeries.


We see the continuum of breast care as holistic — not just saving lives, but improving quality of life for survivors. That makes monitoring the effects of breast cancer therapies on bone density and body mass a necessary step in the continuum. By using Hologic's DXA System, you can adjust treatments in response to findings, and give your patients the best chance of a healthy future.


Revolutionizing breast care means considering the entire continuum experience. That includes localization, which can be stressful for patients. Our wireless LOCalizer™ precision guidance system combines a miniature RFID tag that can be placed prior to or on the day of surgery, a handheld reader, and a surgical probe designed for small incisions. The benefits: easy patient scheduling and a clearly defined surgical target — better for everyone.

Early detection maximizes the chances that a woman can opt for a minimally invasive treatment pathway. But there’s more we can do. From the BioZorb® 3D absorbable marker that allows surgeons to take less tissue, to our DXA system for monitoring bone density in radiation patients, we look for ways to improve the lives of survivors.

Only Hologic is with you at every step of the breast health journey.

We see the big picture.

The result: An ecosystem of smart technologies that integrate across the continuum of care — making for a more comfortable patient experience, greater clinical confidence, and business efficiencies.

Support at Every Step

Technical, Reimbursement, and Business Support

Hologic helps you support your patients by supporting you. Our team of experts partner with customers to troubleshoot quality challenges, optimize resources, and maximize uptime - making Hologic #1 in the industry three years in a row  86. Plus, we provide customers with hotline access for reimbursement and coding support.

Systems Intelligence

A business intelligence dashboard that helps you improve quality-of-care delivery and efficiency: That’s Unifi™ Analytics. The web-based platform helps administrators make business decisions informed by real-time data on technologist performance and device operations. Eventually, Unifi™ will map the entire breast health continuum.

Medical Education

Accredited webinars, a clinical library, a full range of training materials. Our comprehensive curriculum gives professionals knowledge, skills, and insight to stay current in this fast-changing field. Topics cover the Continuum of Care, so whatever your specialty, you can offer patients the best experiences and outcomes possible.

Marketing Support

The best breast health technology in the world can’t save lives if women neglect regular screenings. That’s why Hologic created the Platinum Marketplace—a turnkey solution to help you raise awareness in your community, promote your practice, and communicate accurate, scientifically based, and legally vetted information.

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