The Future of Breast Health


A woman’s breast health journey that feels easier and inspires confidence. The entire breast health team supported by an integrated and intelligent ecosystem that saves precious time—and lives. The patient marathon transformed by fewer visits, faster answers. Imagine the future of breast health.

The Future is Here

Integrated hardware and software solutions that work together across platforms help ease the patient journey. AI technology that integrates across the breast care continuum creates an intelligent ecosystem for personalized care. Metrics for patient satisfaction and outcome rise together with efficiencies. No more balancing acts.

The Future is Evolving

As we continue to raise the standard of breast care, we're building an ecosystem of technologies that's ready for the advent of precision medicine. And we're designing with a backward compatible mindset wherever feasible. We're bringing our partners along.

The Continuum in a Changing Landscape

Measures of excellence matter as much as lower delivery costs in our evolving healthcare landscape. The big-picture thinking that’s shaped the Hologic Breast Continuum of Care brings success on all fronts.

Happier Patients

A mammography cushion designed for women’s curves. Specimen evaluation integrated into the biopsy system for instant verification, so patients spend less time under compression. Our insights into patient experience at every step of the journey have inspired innovations like these.

More Positive Outcomes

Our deep learning–powered tomosynthesis solution detects even more cancers.1 Our 3D implantable marker improves accuracy and cosmetic results in breast conserving surgery.2,3 Across the continuum, Hologic products help save women’s lives and maximize quality of life for survivors.

Improved Efficiencies

We're continuum specialists. We understand how technologists and clinicians work at every step of the breast health journey and how each step builds on the last. Hologic innovation taps this knowledge. And by speeding workflow, removing silos, and reducing waste, our products also improve patient experience.

Optimized Support

Our customer support goes far beyond fix-it. We work as your consulting partner, offering insights and guidance on how your products can best integrate in your workflows, maximize uptime and speed up patient throughput. We also connect you with third-party reimbursement support. And Hologic's professional marketing site lets you educate, promote, and tell your story with a few clicks.

An integrated and Intelligent Future

The introduction of AI technology into Hologic mammography has alleviated the challenges of assessing breast tissue density and large numbers of images. With more powerful algorithms, radiologists will be able to rapidly focus on suspicious areas. And date collected for individual patients will lead the way to truly personalized breast care. We are building the future.

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