Faxitron® CT Specimen Radiography System

Designed to improve intra-operative specimen margin assessment, Faxitron® CT specimen radiography system is the first 510(k) cleared 3D CT imaging system that reconstructs the entire excised specimen volume in 0.1 mm slices—in the X, Y, and Z-axes. You can make immediate decisions based on real-time information, potentially avoiding a second surgery.

  • Surgical Specimen Radiography


Small footprint, compact design

Faxitron® CT system takes minimal space in the OR, so you will have the data you need, at the point of care.

User friendly; no X-ray shielding required

Just place specimen in holder, insert container in chamber and push the button to start scanning.

GPU-accelerated real-time reconstruction

Traditional 2D orthogonal images are generated in less than 30 seconds; entire specimen, in around 4 minutes.

Automatic metal artifact correction

Faxitron® CT system automatically minimizes interference from metal clips and markers.


No manual specimen repositioning required; review 2D images while scanning and reconstructing the specimen in 3D.

True 3D CT imaging for specimen radiography

The system reconstructs a navigable 3D render, with up to 1,024 slices at a standard slice thickness of 100 μm.

Potential to reduce positive rates

Re-excise positive or questionable margins as necessary during surgery, helping reduce positive rates.

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