Affirm® Prone Biopsy System

Affirm® prone biopsy system increases automation, provides superior imaging and offers 360° access to the breast to help you identify, target and access lesions for faster, more comfortable biopsies.77,78 It’s also the only system of its kind with 2D and 3D™ imaging—the same proven detector technology of Selenia® Dimensions®—allowing you to easily upgrade from 2D to 3D imaging as necessary

  • Biopsy Guidance
  • Tissue Acquisition and Marking


High quality imaging

Pinpoint subtle lesions, including low contrast distortions and faint calcifications, quickly and confidently.77

Fast, easy to use

Intuitive software, once-daily quality checks and pre-programmed needle parameters make it easy to use.

Increased automation

Streamlined biopsy workflow with increased automation is designed to make using the system fast and easy.

Total 360° access

Provides continuous 180° C-arm rotation that can be stopped at any point; position patients in either direction.

Fully integrated needle approach

This is the only dedicated prone biopsy system with a fully integrated lateral needle approach; no attachment required.80

Fully integrated needle approach

Allows clinicians to switch from a standard to lateral approach in seconds; no additional attachments required; no need to reposition patient.80

One-click targeting

Get one-click targeting when you add 3D™ Breast Biopsy, which can localize subtle lesions that may not be visible with 2D imaging. 79

Reduces process steps

The 3D™ Breast Biopsy option further reduces process steps, which can lead to a faster procedure and lower radiation dose.81

Exceptional patient experience

Offers minimally invasive techniques and faster procedure77; eliminates patient’s direct view of needle.

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