SecurMark® Biopsy Site Markers

The SecurMark® family of biopsy site markers provides exceptional site marking solutions. Each marker is composed of the permanent marker of bio-compatible titanium or stainless steel and outer material that consists of bio-absorbable suture-like netting. The needles are designed for use with Hologic breast biopsy systems in all three modalities.

  • Tissue Acquisition and Marking
  • Localization


Designed to minimize movement

Bio-absorbable suture-like netting is designed to minimize movement within the biopsy cavity.

Enhanced ultrasound visibility

Bio-absorbable material surrounds marker; enhances visualization three to four weeks post-biopsy for future intervention. 44

Easy delivery

Available in a rigid, end-deploy delivery device or flexible, side-deploy delivery device.

Identify sites with confidence

SecurMark offers five shapes—buckle, infinity, stoplight, mini cork and top hat—to allow for multi-site identification.

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