Hologic Clarity HD™  High-Resolution 3D™ Imaging Technology

Hologic Clarity HD high-resolution 3D™ imaging comes standard with all 3Dimensions™ systems. This technology features a high-resolution detector and an advanced 3D™ imaging algorithm that work together to deliver exceptional 3D™ images—regardless of breast size or density. So you can diagnose patients with greater clarity and confidence.

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Fastest, highest resolution

Clarity HD imaging offers the fastest and highest resolution 3D™ images in the industry, with the same 70 micron pixel size as FFDM. 67

Increases diagnostic confidence

Its images are sharper, smoother, and more detailed to increase diagnostic confidence, including in large breasts. 72

Create synthesized 2D images with Intelligent 2D™ technology

Eliminate the FFDM x-ray portion of the 3D™ exam by generating 2D data from the sharp and smooth 70-micron tomosynthesis data. The machine learning algorithms retain and accentuate more detail for improved radiologist detection of important tomosynthesis details, such as calcifications, speculated lesions, round lesions, and lobular lesions. 72

Detection accelerated

Pair with 3DQuorum™ technology, which utilizes Genius AI™-powered analytics to uniquely reconstruct high resolution 3D™ data to produce 6mm SmartSlices. SmartSlices are designed to expedite read time by reducing the number of images for radiologists to
review, and they are FDA approved to be read in place of 1mm 3D™ slices, with no compromise in image quality, sensitivity or accuracy.* 68-71
* Compared to 2D.


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