I-View™ 2.0 Contrast Enhanced Mammography Software

Create comprehensive diagnostic studies that reveal exceptional clinical detail and sensitivity with Contrast Enhanced 2D imaging (CEM). Contrast Enhanced 2D imaging and past 3D™ mammography studies can be viewed to help identify cancers.

  • Image Capture
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Turn the invisible into visible

Clinical performance

Increase diagnostic confidence to help guide the clinical pathway. Studies show contrast enhanced mammography provides equivalent diagnostic performance to contrast breast MRI.1, 2

Eliminates structural background

Acquire a pair of high- and low-energy images in rapid succession. This allows for regions of abnormal blood flow to be displayed by subtracting the background breast parenchyma.

Patient preference

Patients greatly prefer contrast mammography over bMRI for reasons such as faster procedure time, greater comfort, lower anxiety, and lower noise level. 3

Expand diagnostic capabilities

Offering contrast enhanced mammography exams expands your capabilities using existing mammography equipment.

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2. Jochelson M, Dershaw D, Sung J, et al., Bilateral contrast-enhanced dual-energy digital mammography: feasibility and comparison with conventional digital mammography and MR imaging in women with known breast carcinoma, Radiology 266

3. (2013) 743–751 3. Hobbes M, Taylor D, Buzynski S et al. “Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM) and contrast enhanced MRI (CEMRI): Patient preference and tolerance” J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol. 2015 Jun;59(3):300-5. [Epub 2015 Apr 21].

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