ImageChecker® CAD Computer Aided Detection

ImageChecker® CAD provides proven performance and continues to be a leading CAD technology. The software analyzes conventional 2D, C-View™ and Intelligent 2D™ synthesized images derived from a tomosynthesis dataset.

  • Image Analysis
  • Supplemental Screening / Callback


Marks suspicious findings

Using sophisticated software algorithms, ImageChecker® CAD searches 2D mammograms and synthesized 2D images for potential microcalcifications and masses—characteristics commonly associated with breast cancer.

Flexible Solutions

Provides optional flexibility by allowing a site to select sensitivity settings, or operating points, that are most suitable for the practice’s needs. Additional features are available when viewed on a Hologic workstation.

Cost Effective Architecture

ImageChecker software can reside on the Dimensions® Acquisition Workstation, without the need for a dedicated Cenova™ server. DICOM compatible results can be sent directly to the radiologist workstation or PACS upon completion of the exam. The elimination of the requirement for a separate server simplifies the configuration and reduces security concerns.
*AWS with minimum 3Dimensions 2.1 or Dimensions 1.10 software


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