Sertera® Breast Biopsy Device

Sertera® biopsy device, available in multiple gauge sizes, offers exceptional control in a simple spring-loaded core device. Perfect for accessing difficult lesions, the device was designed to be lightweight and ergonomic thanks to Hologic’s patented HandForm™ design.

  • Tissue Acquisition and Marking


Simple, one-handed operation

In the initial trial, 95% of physicians surveyed stated Sertera biopsy device was easy to arm and fire and allowed for one-handed operation,52 making it the perfect choice for core needle biopsies.

Extra control where you need it

Two firing modes are available for easier access to difficult-to-approach lesions. Nine out of 10 physicians said the device is easy to use.52

Comfortable for many hand sizes

Patented HandForm™ design offers lightweight ergonomics.

Approach challenging lesions with confidence

7 out of 10 physicians felt the Sertera biopsy device resulted in greater accuracy and increased procedure confidence.52

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