Treatment & Monitoring

Surgical Excision and Marking

The future of breast-conserving surgery is here. Among Hologic’s advanced products for excision and marking, the BioZorb® 3D bioabsorbable marker is truly next-generation. It’s designed to outline excision sites with a precision that radiologists say improves accuracy in targeting compared to standard clips,87 and to be absorbed by the body over a period of several years. Superior cosmetic results adds to the quality-of-life benefits88 for reconstructive lumpectomy patients.

When you know the patient has BioZorb, you know it's going to be so much easier to plan treatment, and your confidence in that makes a big difference.

Wesley Russell
Radiation Oncologist

Core Products

At Hologic, we’re revolutionizing the standard of care at every stage. Our excision and marking products give providers and patients greater confidence both during the treatment phase and for years to come.

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