Treatment & Monitoring

Surgical Specimen Radiography

Post-surgery tissue evaluation is key to a patient’s long-term outcomes. At Hologic, we’re applying our expertise in tomosythesis and increasing certainty with a 360º scan and 0.1mm slices. By providing high-resolution 3D specimen reconstruction in real time and with data from all three axes, our Faxitron® CT specimen radiography system offers an instant and highly detailed assessment that’s designed to help reduce positive margin rates and lower the need for second surgeries.

[The Faxitron CT system] exponentially improves your ability to make decisions in the operating room that are better for your patient.

Matthew Wakefield, MD
Breast Surgeon

Core Products

Hologic’s portfolio of next-generation surgical specimen radiography tools provide precise, efficient, and intuitive means of care so providers can make life-changing — and life-improving — decisions on the spot.

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