Faxitron® Path+ Specimen Radiography System

Faxitron® Path+ specimen radiography system is designed to optimize imaging of your largest specimens. With the largest field of view available in the pathology market, Faxitron Path+ helps deliver greater efficiency for the gross lab and more timely results for your patients.

  • Surgical Specimen Radiography


High resolution

Faxitron® Path+ specimen radiography system is designed to acquire high-resolution imaging of various anatomical regions, ranging from breast tissue slices to bone decalcification.

10X magnification

The system provides up to 10X geometric magnification, which can image down to the smallest microcalcifications.

Optimal X-ray exposure

The system automatically selects the optimal X-ray exposure settings regardless of specimen makeup and density.


Its large chamber and detector size system supports a broad range of samples, allowing you to image directly in the lab.

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