Trident® HD Mid Specimen Radiography System

Faxitron® Trident® HD Mid Specimen Radiography System takes full of Hologic’s proven detector technology—the same technology used in Selenia® Dimensions® platform—to generate sharp, highly detailed images for rapid sample verification right in the procedure room or operating room.

  • Surgical Specimen Radiography
  • Core Specimen Radiography


Inspiring confidence

This is the only platform of its kind offering amorphous selenium direct capture imaging to generate high-resolution images.

One-button AEC

Automatic exposure control (AEC) is optimized for breast excisions and core biopsies.


Images are generated every 25 seconds.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive user interface and software-driven controls eliminate steps, simplify communication and enhance collaboration.

Easy to use

A user-friendly control panel, software interface and a robust toolset make it easy to annotate, measure, zoom and more.

Easy image comparisons

View a patient’s prior mammogram or biopsy images and specimen images on the same screen.

Optional barcode scanning

Use this option to quickly pull up a patient’s clinical data and history during the procedure.

Instant verification, reduced procedure time

You’ll be able to make informed clinical decisions on the spot—no waiting for margin confirmation—improving workflow.32

Reduced recalls

Immediate decision-making capabilities based on real-time information can potentially save patients from a second surgery.

Compact and mobile

Its updated ergonomic enclosed design makes it easy to maneuver in a crowded room.

Easy to integrate

With WiFi, the system easily integrates into your facility; send images to the SecurView® workstation or PACS with one button.

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