LOCalizer® wire-free guidance system

This non-radioactive, radiofrequency localization system is designed for precise marking and targeting of non-palpable breast lesions. It uses a miniature radiofrequency identification tag with a unique ID number. The tag can be placed weeks or months prior to surgery, so patients can arrive closer to their surgery time and experience fewer interventional procedures.

  • Localization


Improved workflow

The ability to place the tag prior to surgery helps reduce scheduling and logistical hurdles.


A portable, handheld reader is used to detect tag location and pinpoint area of breast tissue for removal.

Easy to read during the procedure

Reader displays the distance to the tag in millimeters and its ID number on a bright screen.

No interference

Tag can be read up to a 60mm distance and does not interfere with other equipment in the OR.

Allows for small incisions

An 8mm diameter single-use sterile probe guides surgeon towards the tag, allowing for small incisions.

No hassle

No radioactive seeds; so no complex regulations like those with wire-guided localization methods.

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