TruNode® single use gamma probe

TruNode® single-use gamma probe system is a high performance, sterile, single-use, wireless gamma probe designed for the most common radio-guided surgical procedures, including sentinel lymph node biopsy. It can detect faint nodes even when close to the injection site and enables precise hotspot localization throughout the axilla.

  • Localization


Convenient surgical use

Toggle between scan, point and seed with fingertip control from the sterile field.

Optimized for three procedures

With its three detection modes, TruNode system optimizes sentinel node, parathyroid and tumor localization procedures.

Designed for ease of use

Its ergonomic design eliminates the need for a collimator.

Small probe tip

With a 10mm gamma probe tip diameter, the TruNode probe is designed to be less invasive and easy to maneuver.

Compact user feedback unit

The system provides pleasant audible and clear visual feedback.

No need to re-process probes

The sterile, single-use nature of the probe reduces the risk of cross-contamination and surgical site infections.

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