SecurXchange® Image Storage and VNA Solutions

SecurXchange® Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) provides an efficient approach to handling the unique archiving requirements of digital mammography and multi-modality data for practices that don’t have access to a PACS or need a local archiving solution. It can store and retrieve physician annotations, as well as CAD markings.

  • Data Management


Total solution for imaging and archiving

Used with Hologic 3D Mammography™ systems and Clarity HD high-resolution 3D™ imaging technology for a complete solution.

Storage to fit your needs

Choose from various storage capacities (5.5 TB to 43.7 TB) to support your practice’s specific requirements.


Compatible with all DICOM objects; multi-modality and vendor-agnostic; support of multiple MWL.

Advanced storage features

Storage includes pre- and post-fetching with advanced DICOM capabilities; unlimited AE titles.

Additional features

Image lossless compression, transmission and decompression; prioritization of prior sources when retrieving from multiple sources.

Includes a 3DView™ single use license

This web-based mammography viewer supports non-diagnostic viewing of any 2D, 3D™ and BTO images from any configured computer

Disaster recovery (optional)

Enable SecurXchange® to replicate data stored on secondary service; expansion units available with multiple storage capacities.

Grows with your practice

Specifically designed to support breast imaging modalities, offering scalable imaging archiving capabilities; add storage as needed.

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