SecurXchange® Router

Transmission of digital mammography data can create network bottlenecks and delay interpretation. SecurXchange® routers and archives automate the transfer of DICOM objects, enabling you to pre-fetch images from long-term storage, pre-fetch on demand or route DICOM objects to configured destinations according to advanced routing rules.

  • Data Management


Obtain prior images anytime, anywhere

Utilizes the DICOM Modality Worklist via the HL7 interface; allows for highly configurable pre-fetching and routing of images.

Configurable routing for optimal workflow

Can be configured to pre-fetch from multiple archives and route those images to several locations.

Options for advanced workflow

With the HL7 option, pre-fetching can be scheduled at a configurable time before exams.

3DView™ web-based viewer option

3DView enables non-diagnostic viewing of 2D or 3D™ images that are resident on the router from any computer.

Maximize uptime

Equipped with Hologic Connect™ uptime management software; provides secure, remote connection to the Hologic Technical Assistance Center.

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