Tumark® Biopsy Site Markers

Tumark® biopsy site markers are intelligently designed to provide long-term visibility. The non-bioabsorbable, bio-compatible permanent marker offers excellent visibility under mammography at deployment.97
The markers are composed of non-resorbing nitinol that expands into a distinct shape upon deployment, providing tissue fixation to help minimize migration.97,98 They are deployed using an ergonomic handle and slide button designed for single-handed operation. These markers help you identify sites with confidence.

  • Biopsy
  • Tissue Acquisition and Marking


Multiple easily identifiable shapes

Available in Tumark Professional X, Tumark Vision, and Tumark Professional Q

Easy to use

Ergonomic handle and slide-button deployment support single-handed operation.98 In 99% of procedures completed, physicians agreed the device was easy to use. 99

Excellent visibility

In 85% of marker placements, ultrasound visibility was good to excellent upon deployment.97

Minimal migration

91% of markers placed under ultrasound did not migrate, as measured on the post- procedure mammogram.99

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