TriMark® and CeleroMark® Biopsy Site Markers

The original biopsy site marking solution for use with ATEC® and Eviva® breast biopsy systems, TriMark® biopsy site marker can be used with all ATEC® and Eviva® biopsy needle options, including MRI.
CeleroMark® biopsy site marker is designed for use with Celero® and Sertera® biopsy devices. It features an end-deploy beveled tip for smooth marker deployment under ultrasound-guided breast biopsy procedures.

  • Biopsy
  • Tissue Acquisition and Marking


Bio-compatible titanium

Both TriMark and CeleroMark markers are composed of bio-compatible titanium.

Two shapes

TriMark® and CeleroMark® markers are available in cork and hourglass shapes.

Deploy to the biopsy site

Both markers offer a rigid marker deployment system.

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