Screening & Diagnostics

Image Capture

A decade ago we asked ourselves: How can we capture better images that allow radiologists to detect invasive cancers with more accuracy? How can we reduce the number of unnecessary callbacks women must endure? The result was the world’s first breast tomosynthesis system. Our newest advances zero in on patient comfort and provide workflow enhancements – as well as the option to add on breakthrough imaging upgrades without replacing a gantry.

The Hologic 3DTM system is an extension of me. It reads my fingerprints and customizes. It knows the views I'm going to do, my routine, and it saves me time.

Marita Dwight Smith
Director of Mobile Mammography

Core Products

Hologic developed the world's first 3D TM digital breast imaging technology in 2011. Today, our systems bridge screening and AI-aided diagnosis with available biopsy integrations. The continuum of breast care is getting smarter every day.

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